Thursday, August 26, 2010


The newest addition to the garden. It was windy today, and it was twirling when I took the picture. But, with digital point and shoot, it's hard to get it to show this motion.

Added 9/4/10 - the wind is blowing a bit this evening.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Buzz Off!

The water didn't work on th bees. I ended up with a spray from the Farm Store that says it would shoot a 20 ft stream. Last night, I sprayed and aimed towards the hole from the sidewalk. The spray piled up like a bunch of whipped cream on top of the hole. Left it.

Read the fine print - it says to spray all of the can into the hole. Hmmm. You'd have to be right on top of the hole to make that happen.

This morning by the light of the full moon, I got closer, and sprayed more into the hole, but still piled up like whipped cream. Left it.

Came home from work, and so far ... no bees!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Remember when I had all that gopher activity? Well, no gophers this year, but a group of bees have invaded. Ground bees. I think they are squatting in an old gopher tunnel. I looked at them through my binoculars - they appear to be yellow jackets. If they were honey bees, I'd leave them alone.

I planted a yellow jacket trap nearby. It's definitely in use, now.

I tried watering the hole for 20 minutes last night, and again this morning before it was light. Didn't do a thing to deter them.

Tonight I am getting out the poinsonous spray.