Sunday, October 18, 2009

Autumn Flowers

This is a Gazania blossom.
They bloom for a day, and then close up at night. Open next day and that's about it. I don't like them so much because they don't last very long. I hope I remember this when I buy plants next spring!

This next photo is meant to show the rain drops collected on this leaf. I don't remember the name of the plant, but it's a foliage plant.
I do like this one alot. Produced a good quantity of green under brush for the container.

I planted a couple containers of pansies, violas and mums with some bugle weed, and ornamental grass. The pansy is a tough plant from my experience. Some have lasted since spring when first planted. Lasted through the heat and all.

Origin of the word Pansy: c.1450, from M.Fr. pensée "a pansy," lit. "thought, remembrance," from fem. pp. of penser "to think," from L. pensare "consider," freq. of pendere "to weigh." So called because it was regarded as a symbol of thought or remembrance.

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