Thursday, December 31, 2009

As The Year Turns

Lowe's had bags of bulbs marked down to $5 from $19.95. Big bags - 100 daffodils; 50 tulips. The salescleark in the garden area said they have a 1 year gaurantee and I could get my money back if they don't grow. Hmmm.... I asked if the quality of the green thumb was questioned. Nope - just bring back the receipt. With that, who could say no to a sack of $5 bulbs? And then some little sacks of crocus bulbs.

I had an amarylis and some paperwhites bulbs that came with coco fiber pellets. After rehydrating with water, and using what I needed, I had leftovers that I can use for bulbs.

Freddies, getting rid of their Christmas stuff, had a couple of red galvanized containers, and a cute ceramic reen planter with a green base. Now I have the fixings for my winter container experiments.

I mixed the coco fiber with a big scoop of potting soil. Put some rocks in the bottom, then some of this potting mix. Some bulb food. Bulbs. More potting mix. Top off with some rocks. Half cup of water.

I put this container in a box, surrounding the planter with some straw. I'll give it to my neighbors for New Year's and hope it will bloom in spring!

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