Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Failure to Success

Last year I bought a Columbine "Leprechaun Gold" (aquilegia vulgaris), which was flowering at the time. Planted it in a container and never saw another blossom. I thought: buy no more.

The foliage took off and I forgot what the plant was. I really liked the marbled leaves and they added great interest and color to the container. Winter comes, plants die back til this week. It has perked back up, spreading the foliage. I got to wondering what it was, and realized - this is the "failed" Columbine. Failure no more. I'll get more just for the leaves!

Researching about the plant, I discovered this: "COLUMBINE comes from the Latin columba, meaning "dove." The scientific name of aquilegia suggests is derived from aquila, an eagle.

An association has been formed to make this the national flower of the United States, as the rose is the flower of England and the lily of France, for its common name sug- gests Columbus and Columbia, its botanical name associates it with the bird of freedom, it can be raised from seed in almost any of our gardens, and it is native to nearly all of our States.

Weather today - sunny - 65 F.

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