Sunday, April 11, 2010

Squirrely behavior

Finally caught in the act! I have had this squirrel feeder up for months. At first, no action, the peanuts were left undisturbed. The idea is that the squirrel lift up the lid and grab a nut and the blue jays lose out.

I would come home and find, not the lid, but the plastic window on the front lifted up, peanuts raided. I wasn't sure if the birds were the culprits or the squirrels.

Today as I was taking photos of the daffodils from afar, the squirrel thought he was alone, and demonstrated what he knows how to do! After he raised the window,
he grabbed a nut, and ran back up the tree to sit on a limb chewing his snack. Then a blue jay showed up and pecked up a nut and flew away. The lid is being propped up by that clear plastic, raised, window.

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