Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Reuse and Recycle

Today, I bought some plants to help extend the season and bring more color to the garden. Got home and realized I didn't have the right size containers to pot up the plants as I had envisioned. Looked around and decided to reuse and recylce to make do. The containers aren't the prettiest, but they work, so they are good enough!

I used a cardboard box, and plastic crate, wrapped them both in leaf bags, and voila! just the right size pots!! I put the bags into the crate and the box - like liners.

 I cut holes in the bottom of the bags for drainage. Cut off the excess bag length. And taped the bottom.

Before potting, I put rocks in the bottom to help with drainage. I rumpled up a brown paper bag to take up some  of the space, as I thought it was more than needed for the plants I was putting in.
And there you have it - the wrapped box and crate as planters.

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