Saturday, March 14, 2015

2007 Report

Cleaning up around here today and came across a little baggie of plant tags with a note "these plants did good in my garden containers in 2007."  Thought I'd memorialize the list by posting it here!
Tomato – Sweet Million

Alyssum – Snow Crystals
Alyssum – Easter Basket Mix
Bracteantha bracteata – Sundaze Golden Beauty
Dahlia – Dahlietta Margaret Imp.
Dahlia – Dahlietta Rachel
Heliotrope – Marino 2000
Lobelia – Riviera Blue Eyes
Petunia – Wave Misty Lilac
Verbena – Quartz Blue
Zinnia – Profusion Orange
Zinnia – Swizzle Scarlet & Yellow
Zinnia – Magellan Orange
Zinnia – Magellan Yellow

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