Monday, May 25, 2009

This holiday weekend has been perfect weather-wise! In the 70s, and light breezes. Friday, Sat and Sunday. I haven't quite put the container display together yet. But, I have added to the container inventory. And I have 2 wooden crates that I stained same color as back porch; will use them for risers to get some of the up above the others.

Tamra gave me a cedar planter that she made with her Tomboy Tools, back at Christmas time. She says just put the dirt in and plant. The last of the sunflowers were looking might peak-ed today, so they were destined for the new planter. I added some creeping zinnias, and a couple of blanket flowers. I am hoping everything will work together. It is hard to imagine these sunflowers in their full growth.

When I bought the flowers for the cedar planter, well, you can't just walk out of the nursery with 3 plants in hand. I ended up with enough odds and ends to create a planter with a light pink, and green concept. I'm not so sure I like the big square planters I bought on sale. They seem to need a shrub or something. The flowers look so small in them right now.

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