Monday, April 20, 2009

Bee Buzz

In the olden days, I was co-owner of a beehive.Still have the white coveralls, pith helmet, netting and smoker. Got a smidgin of honey out of the deal, but buying it at the Salem Wednesday Market is a whole lot easier!

Now, the honey bees are dying out - colony collapse disorder. And the scientists and beekeepers know not why. So there is a push to plant flowers that attract bees. There is also the Great Sunflower Project - they will send you sunflower seeds, you grow and at a certain time each month watch the sunflowers for 30 minutes and count the bees and then report.

I planted my free Sunflower Lemon Queen seeds this week. First time I have ever grown them, let alone from seed. Already, one is actually beginning to sprout! Got the Bi-Mart pots on sale. My plan is to put the sunflowers 2-3 to a pot and place them in the sunshine, outside my kitchen window. It gets all of the afternoon sun.

About July or August, imagine these sunflowers along this bank of windows. And if all else fails, there is the Haagen Dazs Save The Bees program! Click the link - make a bee happy!

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