Sunday, April 19, 2009

March In Garden

A little backtracking to get this blog started.

March 7, 2009 .... I planted the two blueberry plants I got at the Yard, Patio and Garden Show in March. One is a Brigitta Blueberry and the other one is a Sunshine Blue Blueberry.

First looked up containers for blueberries on internet – I wanted to put them in square wooden 16x16 containers, but ended up with 18x18 plastic ones; green. Watched a YouTube on how to plant them in containers – so I then bought peat moss, potting soil and small barkdust chips and used 1/3 each. What I didn’t find at the store was the cottonseed meal, feather meal and some other fertilizer type stuff. Oh well, will see how they do. Drilled holes in the bottom of the containers first, and I put in some of the extra red rock gravel that I have around here.

I also spread the Scott’s Turf Builder with Moss control (front yard) and Moss Out for Lawns (backyard). Both have quite a bit of moss growing in them. My spreader is cheesy and stops spreading half-way thru so I did the rest by hand. I am letting Mother Nature water it in.

Weather: cold, windy. In the low 40s and the wind chill was significant. Cloudy. Rained a bit around 4pm, but not much. They say it will snow tomorrow.

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