Sunday, April 19, 2009

Early Spring

April 13 - Monday - I took the day off work and planned to find inspiration in the garden/yard and spend the day so. The weather challenged my motivation. Windy, cold, and multiple deluges of storming rains. But, I finally got going with it.

Here is the set up. I get out the wheelbarrow, and ‘measure’ with a big pot equal parts potting soil, peat moss and small bark chips. Put a few Soil Crystals in for moisture retention. Mix it up. Put some in a pot. But leave enough room for the plant to go in, and room to lay some bark chips on top to mulch the pot. This is a new for me – haven’t done either of these things before – measuring, mixing in peat moss and chips, and mulching the top. So far the plants like it, and when watering, I don’t loose soil off the top.

Went to Lowe's, Wilco Farm Store and Kraemers and in between showers wandered thru their plant offerings. Came back with enough flowers for 2 pots, and decided to branch out into some veggies in containers (fennel, celery and chard). Have no idea what will come of this experiment. Also went to Joann's and bought strawberry pot 50% off; which meant I had to get some strawberries too. These came from RiteAid - not a bustling garden center, but cheap. Another experiment - I've not grown strawberries this way before.

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