Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cherry Tree

Here is my Lambert Cherry tree in backyard. All blossomed out. It popped open last weekend. The tree could use some pruning, but will deal with that in another season. The cherries are delicious. As they say on internet: A sweet cherry variety that's large, round and a deep ruby red. The flesh is sweet, firm and meaty. A superior cherry for out-of-hand eating as well as cooking.

I get what the birds leave for me. The best place for the bird feeders is in this tree, so whaddya gonna do? I think will be July before the birds and I see the cherries, though.

History of the Lambert Cherry: A third black cherry important to the Salem region was developed after the Lewelling orchards were sold to Joseph Hamilton Lambert in 1857. Mr. Lambert developed the "Lambert" which he introduced in 1870. Royal Annes, Bings, Lamberts, and Black Republicans were the most important varieties in the early Oregon orchards. Due to a lack of fruit canneries in Oregon, cherries from these early orchards were marketed fresh. Ok, so my Lambert Cherry was planted (in 1979) in my yard of home that was built in 1878, just 8 years after the introduction of the first Lambert Cherry.

During this week, the weather has gotten up to 80 F and was just like a summer day! But, now it is 52 F. Had several downpours on the way home from work. This morning there was frost on the windshield. I brought the sunflower seedlings inside for the day (there are 5 of them peeking thru now).

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