Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dandy Defiance

The saying is "we be here when you be gone." Ususally thats for employees in offices suffering from a new manager or some such. But, I think the weeds in my yard have been adhering to this saying for a long time. So, sprayed with Weed-b-gone. Used the concentrate - 1/4 cup to 1.5 gallons in the hand pump sprayer. After the application, they are standing as tall as ever. Hmmm...

On a positive note, against all odds - here are the sunflower sprouts. Today, they are green and poking up!

Finally, I am hopeful that my attempt to 'root' some Daphne will take hold (no pun intended). The instructions out of the Western Garden Book, said to clip some small branches, dip in root hormone and place in a growing medium of mostly sand, keep moist. This is another new thing for me to try. The root hormone is a white powder, comes in a small plastic bottle. The pot contains about 40% soil/peat/chips and 60% sand. You poke holes in the medium with pencil such that after dipping branch in r.hormone, insert into the hole in the medium, so that none of the powder will come off. Tamp the medium around the hole. Water. I have about 6 starts (or attempts) in this pot. I haven't found out what to do to find out if roots are really growing.

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